Boulder Unmoved

April 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment


Even though I live only four hours from the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, I visit there once every year or two.  My recent visit was to attend the first Fuji Camera Summit.  Attendees all made up of Fuji owners.  Classroom instruction and lectures were amazing but the weather was the most uncooperative I've ever experienced in that area for this time of the year.

Heavy rains, high winds, instead of mid-sixties temperature it was below freezing for the sunrise field trips.  Added to that was very boring, dull foliage.  The early blooms of the dogwoods and red buds were tortured with the late spring frost.  Bare branches, very little color.  I found myself challenged how how to improve my compositions by getting low to the water without showing too much of the distracting trees and bushes.  I spent some time post-processing to remove a lot of debris from the river bank in the background and then I increased the shadow areas to pull the eye to the large boulder in the foreground and the single tree trunk in the background.

Boulder UnmovedBoulder Unmoved



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