Fear of Heights

March 02, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


My wife and I have good friends that have done a lot of hiking in middle Tennessee.  It's great to have hiking friends that can take us to great locations.  Great Stone Door is one of those places.  It's an easy walk, maybe a 20-minute hike on a well maintained trail.  The trail leads to a fantastic overlook of a valley on the Cumberland Plateau.  Overlooks usually mean high places and unfortunately, I have a fear of heights.

You can see in the image this was a shear drop off.  No protective railing, no "Don't Go Passed This Point" sign, no nothing!  Added to the fact we were standing on a slab of solid rock, the rock was wet and slippery.  There may have been a better position to photograph this tree but I wasn't moving any closer to the edge to get the shot.



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