Main Street Bridge

February 16, 2016  •  Leave a Comment


I may have mentioned this before but I wish I had a painter's talent.  One of my daughters and granddaughter are very artistic.  They are very creative and have the ability to transfer their creativity to a blank canvas.  I tried painting in high school but that's where it ended for me.  But the digital camera and some software have given me hope.

I shot this image a few years ago while in Jacksonville, Florida.  An iconic location for the city.  The original print was placed in my "okay" category.  But recently, I began to dust off some of the previous "okay" images and create an oil painting version.  Admittedly, the artistic version is much more interesting than the original.  I may not have an artists brush in my hand but the digital tablet and pen allows me to think I can paint.

Blue BridgeBlue Bridge



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