Greeter Falls

September 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


Linda and I have good friends that do a lot of hiking and exploring of the Cumberland Plateau in Middle Tennessee.  They frequently offer to be guides for my wife and I take us to some of the waterfalls in the area.  They know that I enjoy taking photos of flowing water and I enjoy easy hikes.  Greeter Falls met both criteria and that was Plan A.

One of the challenges of landscape photography is getting all the uncontrollable elements to cooperate.  Greeter Falls is a beautiful location but a waterfall does require water.  There had been very little rain in the days prior to our venture and the result was very little water flow.  It was a disappointment to see my subject not performing on this day.  But that's where a change of plans can still provide an opportunity for an image.

The rocks on the side of the cliff had fantastic texture and the shallow pool produced an eye-catching hue.  Plan B was coming together.  I know that had there been a nice flow of water, I would have had a single-minded focus on the water and I may have missed the rocks.  It was a nice hike with good friends and a "keeper" image.



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