Seeing Differently

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When shooting the Spring runoff in the Gatlinburg, TN area, there were a lot of photographic vantage points from which to shoot.  However, the best vantage point at this location was about 20 feet down a rocky, muddy slope.  At my age, I prefer to keep it simple and avoid the risk of falling into the rapids or breaking a limb.

A great shot from the edge of the road above was usually hindered by the foliage.  Always a limb here and a bush there; can't pack a chainsaw in the camera bag.  The best open view of the river still had one hanging branch in the way.  Then, as if God said, "Why fight it, look at it differently," I saw the subject to shoot.  I changed my depth of field and put the focus on the branch.  And I didn't have to slide down the river bank to get an interesting image.

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