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I don't travel much anymore.  When I was on the lecture circuit I was spending a couple of days a week flying somewhere in the country and occasionally on the other side of the world.  Most of that time was in airports and hotel rooms.  Now, maybe one week-long vacation a year or a few day trips in a 100 mile radius from home.  I look at all the photographs of great locations and tell myself I'll never have a chance to photograph that subject because I don't have the desire to travel there.

Unless it's an iconic landscape, a lot of subjects can be found close to home.  I shot this image at Cannonsburg Village only two miles from my house.  I didn't go there for the americana subject.  Actually, I was waiting for my client to arrive so I could do their family portrait session.  While waiting, I just walked around the village that I have visited for over 20 times.  But on this day, I glanced in the doorway of this relocated hardware store and it caught my photographic attention.  So I spent five minutes setting up my tripod and composing this 3-exposure image.

This location has been there, just like this, each time I previously strolled the village.  But on this day, I slowed down while killing time, and actually saw what I was looking at.  And all in my own backyard.



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