Jackson Lake

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I think I have mentioned this in other posts, that when traveling, you may not always have the luxury of waiting around for ideal shooting conditions.  You're there for that specific time at that specific location and you have to deal with what you have.  That's the case here.  A beautiful location, an iconic view across the lake, but on this day I had a bright, cloudless, boring sky to contend with.

Introduce the power of software enhancements.  I often rely on software manipulation to bring interest to an image.  I've been criticized for this.  Somehow, adding an effect is forever changing the reality of the location.  That somehow, I'm cheating the viewer.  I'll take the criticism, I don't agree with it, but I'll take it.  Many of those who criticize this approach to photography don't understand that every image in a travel magazine and brochure has been altered.  That's the reality.


Proud ReflectionProud Reflection


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