Grand Tetons

November 13, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


It's hard not to get a great photo in the Grand Tetons.  Well, actually that's not true.  The number of images I deleted when I saw them on the computer far out weighed the keepers.  After leaving the base of the mountain range, you follow the river for many miles.  Even if I had missed the sign indicating Oxbow Bend, the number of vehicles parked in about a 200-yard stretch would have given it away.  Several people with cameras, some with iPads, and many more with phones were capturing their vision of this beautiful scene.

For me, it was the four layers of texture that hit my eye and then the camera sensor.  Layer #1 - the water reflections, #2 - the trees, #3 - the mountain peaks, #4 - the vivid blue sky.



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