Tybee Island Lighthouse

October 06, 2015  •  Leave a Comment


I've been taught, and I know from experience, the best natural light occurs in the early morning or late afternoon.  Midday on a bright sunny day can create some challenges.  However, when you're traveling to a distant location, and you have limited time, you have to do with what you have.

I arrived at Tybee Island Lighthouse at mid-afternoon.  This was the only window of opportunity to visit this area.  Ideally, it would have been great to be there in the evening and photograph the lighthouse with the lamp lit but my travel schedule wasn't going to allow that.

But sometimes I surprise myself with last minute ideas.  Why not use the sun to provide the lighthouse light.  So I began to position myself with the sun directly behind the lighthouse lamp.  And as I would set up my tripod and check my camera settings, the sun would move enough that I was constantly re-positioning my tripod.  I was reminded how quickly our earth rotates.   



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